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Cummission Adds Direct2Join and Hosted Forms! Août 17, 2015
Cummission is excited to launch some new features as part of the ever-expanding affiliate program for and the sister sites,,,, and many others.

We understand that it’s difficult to generate new sales in the highly saturated and even more competitive world of adult dating sites. As a result, these are just two examples of how we’re working every day to help you increase conversions.

Affiliates can now use our exclusive Direct2Join landing pages. This exciting new feature allows the affiliate to send traffic directly o one of our high-converting landing pages. Once the user completes the free join form, the free membership join form then would immediately be directed to the premium member payment page. This new path has the potential to guarantee an increase in your conversions.

Another incredible new feature is that we now offer our affiliates the option to post directly to our free membership join form.

Here’s how it works:

Approved affiliates would host the free membership join form on their site and would pass the necessary data to us. Once the free member is approved, the user will be directed to the premium member payment page. If the user fails to get an approved sale, he would still be a free member and enjoy the benefits of a free member but we would constantly try to push that member into the conversion funnel with your affiliate ID.

Since all sites in the Cummission family of sites are designed as with mobile-first design principles, these new features will work with your desktop and mobile traffic. If you require something different or need any help, please always feel welcome to contact us at